Blogging Help To Market Your Home Business

Many home business owners don’t understand that how blogging can help to market the business. If you have an online business, you will be looking at ever increasing ways to market it online. Business website and a blog is different in the way that you don’t always update your business website but blog does. Some business owners just set up a business website and let it be there without much update or they feel that there is nothing much to update since all the information are up to date. In this case, you need a blog to help market your home business.

Blogging is not a hobby when related to your home business. You are going to blog about your business and how your business add value to your customers. You have two ways to make use of blogs for marketing, one is to set up your own blog and build a community. The other way is to get involved with other people’s blogs. I would recommend you to do both to have the maximum effect.

Setting up your own blog It’s good to have your own blog where you can categorise your content and put the information into  your blog. If you know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you should incorporate it into your blog so that your blog get most of the free traffic  from your niche. After you have your blog and have enough contents, submit it to a blog and feed directories. Your blog will then be seen by other people and get indexed by search engine easily. You need to update your blog regularly and have a schedule for writing valuable and timeless contents. Set yourself a schedule and stick to it. Your readers will come back to read what you have posted if they get used to seeing regular content. When your visitors left you comments, you should always respond to them and this will give you reputation as a useful resource and also a way to interact with your readers. It also helps to build a proper community on your blog and keeps people coming back. One effective way to keep your contributors back to view your comments and have further conversation with you is to use the Subscribe to Comment Plugin. The plugin will notify your commentors about your comments and they may want to back to your blog to have further conversation with you. Having your own blog is a good way for your branding and make you an expert to your potential customers and so will increase the chance of converting them to sales.

Contributing to others blogs Other than your own blog, you may need to write valuable comments to others blogs. Don’t just mention about your home business but read their writing and leave valuable comments. You may have the chance to leave your name and website URL for your comments and they tend to visit your site when find your comments useful. Come back to the sites that you have left comments and see if anyone has further conversation. Again, subscribe to the follow-up comments if they have one. This will enable you to easy follow up with the blogs you have visited. This will make you seem valuabel to the other users. Research related blogs with your niche. You would not leave comments at the blog that not related to your business. This is not going to help your business but waste your time. Go to look around and find the popular blogs in your niche and get involved with the community. One good way to find related blogs and leave comments is to subscribe to Google Alerts. Google Alerts will email you the latest posts based on the keywords and frequency you choose to have. By contributing to others blogs, you are building your backlinks and also reputation for search engine rankings. You may also find that you actually get traffic to your site directly from the posts that you made. Blogging would definitely help to market your home business and it’s a free advertising method that widely used today. If you want to market your business website by free, go blogging. If you have own blog and doing it well, go contribute to others blogs and attract more traffic. Happy Blogging! :)

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