Traditional Website or Blog for Your Business

For many online businesses, the website is the first point of contact with customers or potential customers. In other word, website is your biggest marketing tool and it brings customers to your doorstep, which means it’s important.

It’s always the big decision you have to make regarding your website. You need to decide on what kind of website for your business, either traditional website or blog. Your decision may affect your future planning and marketing.

Here are some tips for you to decide what type of website to build for your company.

1)    Blogs let you keep content fresh. You easily keep your content update everyday and do remember that search engines like fresh content. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN may rank your blog higher in the results if you update your blog frequently which can result in more traffic and more customers.

2)    You don’t need to have any technical or IT knowledge to set up a blog. It’s normally free of charge and small business owner may find it easily to work within and they can use a blog quite successfully.

3)    You can choose the blog templates from thousands or millions of available designs without any single cents or you may get a website developer to customize and design your own blog template so that it’s 100% original.

4)    Blogs also have static pages which means a business can still have an ‘about’ page, ‘policies’ and any other page that is important for business.

5)    Blogs allow your customers or prospects to subscribe to your blog and they are notified when you have posted something new. This connects you directly with customers and they tend to back to your site often.

6)     Your customers may leave comments in your blog and you have the chance to interact with them and let them to become a part of your corporate community.

7)    Some customers may expect to visit traditional website when come to certain business and they may be turned off by a blog setup. Therefore it’s good to examine your target audience before you build your website.

8)    Nowadays it’s easy to build a professional website with the help of website builder software such as XsitePro. You don’t need to have software or IT knowledge because they are using the WYSIWUG (what you see is what you get) format.

9)    If you are not updated your site frequently with fresh content, it’s advisable to have traditional website as the visitors also not expect new content every time they visit. However, traditional websites do require new content if they want to increase or maintain their ranking with the search engines.

10)    Blogs and traditional websites do require certain technical skills if the owner wants to modify the look of their blogs or add a plug-in or widget. Traditional website sometimes is easier if the software you use have some basic plug-in or widget available.

Make wise decision on traditional website or blog to use for your business and take into consideration the types of business you have, what is your long term planning and marketing strategies. It’s always difficult to switch from one to another platform once you have set up and run for months. Therefore, don’t just base on the cost to make decision. If traditional website is more suitable for your home business, invest in your tool is a must in this case.


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