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Recently I’ve decided to start the work at home moms series and my first post was Work At Home Mom – When Child Get Sick. This post was just published few days ago (27th May) and was about my daughter get sick and how I handled my home business while needed to give her more attention and fully took care of her myself.

I have the habit to check email and clear the mailbox everyday and quite surprised I found my post above appeared at Google Alert – “work at home mom” on the next day (28th May).

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I’ve actually subscribed to few keywords at Google Alert and the purpose is to keep myself update on the posts that related to the keywords and also I would visit the websites to read their posts. When my post appeared at Google Alert, I know it will generate me free traffic because other people who subscribe for the same keyword would see the link and drop by my website too.

It’s really interesting and the same thing actually happened for my another blog – I blog about the launch of my online program Mompreneur Hub on 17th May and the next day, my post appeared at Google Alert – mompreneur.

Ampicillin online justify;”>You may read my post at – Google Alert for “Mompreneur”

If you are very new to Google Alert or you don’t really understand why I’m so excited to see the above results, let me share with you more. For moms who wish to earn through blogging, website traffic is an important element to determine your website success and your income.

More visitors to your site = More sales/more clicks to your ads = More advertisers like to advertise at your site = More income

Now you get the idea and see the picture why I’m happy when my post was shown at Google Alert? :) It’s a totally free advertising for my website by Google.

You may try Google Alert, subscribe to the keywords for your website and keep track of your own blog posts. I bet you will be happy like me when see your post at Google Alerts. ;)

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June 6, 2009

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