Destroy Your Online Reputation

It is not an easy task to build your online business reputation, but it’s very easy if you want to destroy your online reputation. Do remember, when you come to do business online, your online business reputation is everything. When you do something “wrong”, others may not hesitate to post about the “bad” experiences and spread the words for you. The whole community will then know about your one “bad act” very soon.

Here are some examples that may ruin your online reputation and you should avoid them at any social sites or forum:

  • Lie to your friends or community. Don’t ever try to lie to others. Once you lie, you need to lie again to cover your first lie. It ends up with unfinished lying and people would find out very easily through a little online research.
  • Use vulgar and derogatory language in your postings. If you don’t like to read such message from others, you better don’t do this to others.
  • Too many typo errors and grammar mistakes in your posts. If you consistently make grammar mistakes and typo errors in your posting or messages, people may feel disturbance and don’t feel like continue reading from you.
  • Posting and talking about yourself all the time. This is not welcome especially when interactive at forum. Forum is about conversation and if you just focus on yourself and not answering others, you are mostly not welcome.
  • Disrespect other people for their thoughts and ideas. Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts, sometimes you may not agree with them and have your own ideas. However, respect their thoughts and in return, show your ideas and thoughts in kind words.
  • Take their money and run. This is a very serious mistake that should not happen. When people decided to do business with you, this means they trust you. You should responsible for the sales and satisfy their needs. It’s irresponsible to have thinking that there is non of your business after get the money.
  • Respond to other members’ posts with one liner. People want sincere answers, advice and response. If you just want to show your appearance by one liner such as “Yes, I agree.” Or “No, I don’t think so” etc, people may ignore you very soon.
  • Steal other people’s content and articles. Use other people’s content and articles without the owner’s contest is stealing. You should not do that and in fact, people may find out very soon.
  • Post nonsense topics. When you come to a business forum, don’t talk about your kids and your household. These are irrelevant to the sites and people may not have the interests in your topics. You have come to the wrong place post about the wrong topics.
  • Only post spam ads. Most people don’t like ads. You won’t expect to watch an hour television show with 45 minutes ads right? It’s the same at social sites and forum. You are allowed some recommendations but not posts spam ads.

Remember to avoid the above and build your online business reputation to sustain long term business relationship.

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May 26, 2009

rebecca @ 9:07 pm #

Thanks for your great info. yes online business represents yourself. People must feel the trust in you and be touch with your sincerity of doing business. :)

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