How To Promote Your Website on Forums

Mompreneurs have been told to promote the website in many ways such as email marketing, get leads, search engine optimization, social media marketing or what you have. One of the way is to post your ads on forums. You need to post lots of ads to lots of forums so that to capture people’s attention on what you are doing. However, we need to have proper forum etiquette so that we don’t waste your time and also many other people’s time.

Spam is a very bad thing. We don’t want people to spam our blog or website and so we don’t spam on forums. Many people simply put spammy posts in the forums and hope to get free traffic from there. Is this working? NO! Forum owners will clean up those spamming posts and deleting and banning members that don’t abide by forum rules. Forum is a place for members to discuss and providing each other with useful information, so don’t waste your on the spammy posts because it will not bring you any benefits but only harm your reputation and ruin your business.

Normally there is a thread or advertising section for you to post an ad. You can look for the relevant message board to post your ad and don’t simply post it in the introduction section or every thread in the forum. The question is, how many readers will actually read the ads there? When you go inside an forum, will you go for your interested topics or read the advertising section? Most people will engage in the topics they interested in and ignore the ads at all. Therefore you shall better spend your valuable time to actually engaging in conversations on the forums. Build the good relationship and you will gain the trust and loyalty of the forum population if they get to know you better. They will much more likely to follow your suggestions or recommendations.

Mompreneurs also have been told that in order to increase your website ranking in the search engine results, you need to build your website’s backlink popularity. Therefore, you post your website link on many forums. It is true that you need to do this. BUT, what is the correct way to post your website link on the forums? If you post it wrongly, you are wasting your time and effort because your post is mostly going to be deleted by the moderators or the forum owner.

Generally, you are allowed to put your website link in your signature on a forum and the more posts you have, the more signature links you gain. You are advised to include signature in your quality posts so that to build your reputation and backlinks from there.

Another important note for you to take note is the “anchor text” in your website link. When include the website link in your signature, you could choose not to just type in “” but use the keyword phrase that you would like to rank well for in the search engine. For example, if you want to rank well for a term such as “online baby shop”, then you would type that into your signature and have that link to your website.

There are also some ways to promote your business in forums without posting advertisements. Start a thread about the business goals that you have for the month and try stirring up some useful information. Get people to join and talk about their goals and share about business. The more they get to know you, the more likely they are to trust you and to trust your recommendations.

Schedule your work and spend some time every day going to each of the forums share and leave some quality posts. Promoting your website on forums is actually a way to win you far more traffic and prospects in the long run.

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February 3, 2009

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