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Recently I’ve received lots of enquiries from friends about mompreneur and home business. Some share with me that they have ideas in their mind about what to sell but don’t know how to get started or don’t know what is the correct way to get started. Some have their own online businesses but want to grow their business while some tell me that they want to become a work at home mom and earn money online but don’t know where to start. I’ve share with them my own experiences  and also tried my best to give them my opinions and suggestions.

I believe to work at home and spend more time with kids is every mom’s dream. Hence, I discussed with my mentor about those questions I get and hope that I can do more to help moms to have their own home business. Frankly, I’ve finished my course with him and he could just ignore me and let me find my own solutions. But, his willingness to get some time from his busy work schedule to have the discussion with me made me appreciate a lot and I promise myself not to disappoint him in this field.

Though our discussion, I recalled how I get started and my learning curve in internet marketing. I remember when I first knew him, I asked the same questions like how to get started, what the first step and what was the things I should do and learn if I wanted to earn few thousands per month online. He shared with me generously and through his course, he taught me knowledge that I should have and give hands-on homework to help me towards my success path.  That was really a tailor made course for me and I would say that with those hands-on workshop, I have clear picture on what I was learning, what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve.

We then come to a conclusion, which is to find out more on what you want to achieve and then decide on which is the best method to help you achieve your target. The reason we want you to give us the information as precise as possible is to help us design the course that suitable to help you get started or help to grow your business in the correct way using correct system.

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Being a mompreneur and work at home is no longer an impossible and difficult task. If you take your first step and have the correct guidance, you will achieve your dream and live the life you want.

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