My After Birth Postnatal Jamu Massage Experience

I started my postnatal massage at my second week right after I gave birth to my baby girl. I came to know about postnatal massage during my pregnancy and know that postnatal massage actually has many benefits such as:

  • Get Rid of “Wind” in your Body
  • Eliminate Toxins  Reduce Water Retention
  • Regain Body Energy
  • Relieves Constipation
  • Shrinkage of Womb
  • Improvement in Breastfeeding
  • Release Stress & Depression

I get the Jamu Massage from Origins Jamu Massage and the Malay Masseuse is very experienced and professional. She used the Hot Stone for the massage and the Hot Stone compress of the breasts helps to stimulate milk flow. I ever thought I didn’t have enough breast milk for the baby. Actually was the engorgement and my wrong massage technique.

The most fantastic was the massage helps to flatten my tummy! Can you imagine I can wear my jeans right after the 3rd sessions? See, this is the result I get after the 5 sessions.

Before massage - my tummy looks like 3 mths pregnant

Before massage - my tummy looks like 3 mths pregnant

After 5 sessions of postnatal massage

After 5 sessions of postnatal jamu massage

I used 3 months to get back my flatten tummy during my first pregnancy. Now, I can see the obvious results within one week and I would say that postnatal massage really helps to gain back self confidence and make my confinement a lot easier.  ;)

The things I like most about Origins Jamu Massage:

  • Hot Stone Compress
  • Breasts Massage

I would suggest you to get the postnatal massage during the confinement. Moms have lots of things to take care during the month and you should let someone who is experience to take care of your body and regain your health and self confidence. :)

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October 30, 2009
May 10, 2011

sharon @ 4:22 pm #

Do u still remember the name of the lady who massaged u?

May 16, 2011