Special Postnatal and Slimming Massage Experience

You won’t know what is so special about Postnatal Confinement Therapy by Rustic Nirvana until you experience it. I came to know that Rustic Nirvana also provides Postnatal Jamu Detoxification when I get the Prenatal Massage at their centre. Since I have great prenatal massage experience from them, I’ve decided to also get their home confinement package.

Based on my first confinement experience, I know it’s the right choice to get postnatal massage for my second pregnancy.

See, moms face lots of challenge during confinement, some examples are:

  • neck pain/back ache
  • lactation problem
  • worry about the shape of body, especially the big tummy
  • emotional and easily get depression
  • can’t sleep well during night time, need to wake up for breastfeeding
  • challenge to handle the newborn, especially first time mom

That was a very early morning when the massage lady came to my house for the first massage. According to her, they normally do the massage in the morning and encourage customers to wrap their tummy overnight so that to have good result. She started to apply the sea salt to my whole body and follow with a “home sauna”. The experience is very special and I finally understand what are the sea salt application and portable steamy wonder mentioned in their package. ;)

The masseur is very well trained, the massage not only helps to get rid of the wind inside body, but also has the slimming effect. The massage oil is light and absorbed quickly into the skin. According to info, their massage oil consists of more than 20 chinese herbs which is very good for the health.

I experience neck pain during my first and second confinement. I’m grateful the massage lady helps to solve my problem and I have less to worry and can concentrate on my newborn. After the massage, she wrapped my tummy with their special designed tummy belt. I enjoyed the massage very well.

Not forget to mention is the complimentary baby massage. The massage lady from Rustic Nirvana is very considerate, passion and professional. She massaged my newborn gently and softly. My little Baby Moon enjoyed her baby massage too. My sister so envy that a newborn can get such a comfortable massage. :P

Yah, here come to the most important part – RESULT! See my result below:

Before Postnatal & Slimming Massage by Rustic Nirvana

Before Postnatal & Slimming Massage by Rustic Nirvana

After 5 sessions, still in 3rd week confinement

After 5 sessions massage, still in 3rd week confinement

If you want to slim down during confinement, I encourage you to go through this special Postnatal and Slimming Massage. Like the saying – One stone two birds! Regain your health, figures and self confidence even when you are still in confinement. :)

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sumithra @ 10:22 pm #

does postnatal massage,hot stones and abdominal binder helps a mother even after 3yrs of a child birth

September 23, 2010

sumithra @ 3:41 pm #

want to know the right time for this postnatal massage.does it work for a mother after 3yrs of a child birth

September 24, 2010

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