My Prenatal Massage at Rustic Nirvana

I went for a Prenatal massage at Rustic Nirvana few days ago. Actually I didn’t know much about Pre-natal until my friend recommended me and told me about the advantages of Pre-natal massage for an expecting mom.

By looking at the picture of Pre-natal massage, I have some worries and some questions in my mind. Maybe these are your questions too, so I share with you here.

1.    Will the therapist massage my tummy during the session? Normally moms-to-be care a lot the safety of baby in the womb.
The therapist will massage the whole body except the tummy where you are carrying your baby. Therefore you should have no worry about the safety of the baby in your womb.

2.    I’m 5 months pregnant, can I have prenatal massage?
Pre-natal massage is suitable for moms who are 5 to 8 months pregnant. It is not recommended to have the massage too early for safety purpose.

3.    What are the benefits of doing the prenatal massage?
Pre-natal massage helps moms relax physically and mentally and it helps to reduce back aches & water retention. Having prenatal massage frequently may have the effect of smooth delivery, less painful labour and faster postpartum recovery. Overall, it helps the blood circulation.

The massage sound great and since it is specially designed for expecting moms, I decided to give it a try. Of course the main confidence is from the feedback of moms who have tried the service and also the well trained therapists.

My first prenatal session at Rustic Nirvana has fallen on a tired day of mine. I just felt so tired due to the everyday long hours of sitting in front of computer. Don’t forget work at home mom is also a busy mom. ;) The session just came at the right time! :)

I would say the Pre-natal massage is totally different from the other normal massages. Rustic Nirvana uses the Green Tea Oil to massage the body and the Green Tea Oil actually has the effect of deep moisturizing. I like the light smell of the Green Tea.

The Malay Therapist massaged me softly and gently and I understand from her that they should not massage too hard due to the safety purposes. I felt relax for the whole session especially when she massaged my head. This was the part I like most. The therapist has very good skill. I never feel so relax from my past massages experience and I almost fall asleep.

I felt fresh after the Prenatal massage and after went home, I could concentrate more on my work. This was definitely a good experience. I encourage you to go for Pre-natal massage if you are expecting between 5 to 8 months. In fact, I think we will never have the chance to experience this special massage if we are not a pregnant mom. Therefore you should not let go the chance to have this wonderful experience if you are a mom-to-be. :)

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October 18, 2009

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