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Story by Rebecca Chan – Origins Jamu Massage

I am a Mompreneur. I didn’t know there is such a term for people like me.

Same as many mothers, time is also a battle when we have kids. I was working full time and my kids were either taken care by grandparents or in a childcare. Having a stable income really feels secure but there is always lots of guilt and struggle  within myself on the time spend with the kids.

I also ask myself the same question as you, do I want to work till I am old and when my kids are all grown up, the only thing I regret is not spending enough time with them, missing a large part of their growing up years?

This is why I decided to take this risk to do my own biz. It is not a easy decision when in Singapore you need 2 income in a family. I guess everything has it way with GOD. My hubby and family member had really given me great support. I am thankful that I can earn my own income yet allowing me to manage my time with my kids. Running your own business is not an easy job, outsiders see it as an envy but it stressful because you never know if business is always stable, it takes lots of efforts and you work more than 200 % than an employee.

But at the end of the day, the time I gain watching my kids and just being with them is more worth it than anything else.

I am still learning to widen my network to let more people know about the services that we provide and if you can give me suggestion how do I increase traffic to my website. Please let me know.

Rebecca Chan
Founder of Origins Jamu Massage – Postnatal Home Service Massage for mothers after their delivery.

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