My Detoxification Massage at Rustic Nirvana

Today  I go for my Postnatal Detoxification Massage at Rustic Nirvana. After my confinement, I continue my postnatal massage and this is my first time to their center at Cuppage Terrace. Previously I get my prenatal massage at their Jurong center. When I first step into their center at Cuppage Terrace, I feel very cosy and this is a good impression as a customer.

The massage technique is more or less the same as home confinement postnatal massage. After the body massage, the therapist wraps my body. This time she wraps my whole body instead of just wraps my tummy. After wrapping, I then lie down for steaming. The process of steaming takes about 20 minutes and the steaming is good for detoxification. I enjoy a hot water shower before go home. :)

My experience today is definitely better and more comfortable compare to home confinement massage. This is because, first, the environment is better and the center is well equipped. Secondly, my body is not so “fragile” compare to last month. :)

Actually after massage, the consultant tells me that my body still have some water retention and fat especially the tummy part. She recommends me a product for improvement. I request for more information and time to consider before making any decision. I read from forum that some people have the unpleasant experience that the consultants there hard sell the products to them. I believe this is their duty to share and recommend products that are suitable for customers. As consumer, we also have the right to make the decision on our own.

Overall, my experience of postnatal detoxification massage today with Rustic Nirvana is good and you should try it by yourself. :)

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