Tips of Networking You Must Know

I know the power of networking after I have my internet business. I personally experience it and this has helped me grow professionally and personally. Although you may not in business, you still a member of Facebook, Friendster, My Space or Twitter. Why? Because these sites help you in touch Active+ Online Erectile Dysfunction Pharmacy with your friends and expand your friends’ networks.

You act naturally, chit chat with your friends, say hi to your new friends when you don’t have your own business and no intention to intro any products or services to your friends or new friends. However, when you have your business, you start to think differently. You start to brainstorm how you are going to “propose” to your friends and new friends.

Here are some networking tips that you must know before everyone avoids you at the social sites:

  • Social sites are not business centers.  They are not places for you to sell your products or services.
  • When you meet new people, don’t start with “do you interested in my products or services?” Say hi to them and make them your friends.
  • Share with your new friends about yourself, not your business.
  • Ask your friends to share about themselves, their jobs or businesses.
  • Listen to others sharing and ask questions that will get people talking.
  • Take notes on things that your friends have that will benefit you or others.
  • Find like-minded friends and get along with them. Get them to share more and share more with them.
  • Keep your answer short and informative when people ask you about your business. Don’t do long sales pitch. If they are interested, they will ask more.
  • Ask your friends’ consent to add them into your contact list and seek their permission to contact them further.
  • Ask for their email address or exchange business cards if you meet them in person. Keep in touch with them. They might not need your products or services now but they will think of you when they need you.

Happy Networking!

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