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I’ve stumbled upon a site and it has a great list of 50 sites in different categories such as make money online and work at home blogs, work at home moms blogs, work-at-home ideas and home business advices, some useful resources for home entrepreneur and some good corporate business blogs.

This great effort of putting all great sites together is done by Linda G and I’ve personally gone through all the 50 sites. I find that this is a great list and I get lots of information and ideas through the sites and also gain knowledge on what is happening for others.

I’ve decided to share the list with you all and hope that you may spend some time to take a look at those great sites so that they benefit you too.

Money-Making and Work-From-Home Blogs
The following sites focus on how to make money online and working from home:
1.    Breaking Free: A blog all about how to start your own business at home, filled with ideas on how to reach this goal.
2.    Entrepreneurship and Small Business Resource Guide: Whether you’re a fledgling entrepreneur or a seasoned small business owner, you’ll find something of value among the more than 50 individual resources in this guide.
3.    Day Job Nuker: Get rid of that day job (if they haven’t already dumped you!) and learn how to work at home. This blog talks about how to work at home and, even better, offers some great resources to that may help you begin your path to autonomy.
4.    Home Based Small Business Ideas: Home-based business tips for home business owners.
5.    Home Business Blog: According to this blogger, “The beauty of working from home and ultimately yourself is that you are free to do what you wish with the most valuable commodity; time.” Learn more here.
6.    Make Money Online: Although some articles in this blog deal with making money through personal blogs and Web sites, a great many entries focus on how to make money through other methods.
7.    Make Money Online : Yes, another “make money online” site. This one focuses on various ways to make money online through various business opportunities, including auctions.
8.    MLM Business Opportunities : This blog covers multi-level marketing (including opportunities in this field), but it also covers various topics that reach out to the home business owner.
9.    Serious Home Based Business : Learn how to work from home and how to make money online through this easy-to-browse blog.
10.    The Home-Based Business Blog : Learn how to optimize every aspect of your business, using the right balance of new technologies and old-fashioned business sense.
11.    Thinking Home Business : This blog focuses on sharing ideas and experiences with other professionals who work from home.
12.    Work at Home Resources : Tools for you to succeed in your home-based business.

WAHM Blogs
A wave of “mommy blogs” began to hit the Internet about five years ago and they have become a legitimate resource for ideas on how to make money online and work from home (and not just for women). Here are a few blogs written by WAHMs (Work At Home Moms) for WAHMs:

13.    At Home Mom Blog: A mom named Genesis started this blog as a way to connect and help other women who want to work from home or who are already doing so.
14.    Christian Work at Home Moms: If you feel the need to connect only with other Christians, try this CWAHM blog (Christian Work at Home Moms).
15.    Cyndi’s Work at Home Blog: Part of the Moms Network, this blog focuses on tips and support for moms who work at home.
16.    Contest for Moms: This is an interesting niche, where Amanda provides moms with contest and product review opportunities to win money and prizes from home. She also shares her personal life here.
17.    Laureen’s Work at Home Mom’s Blog: This site brings resources, support and information to WAHMs everywhere.
18.    Mommy Enterprises: Thoughts, opinions, reviews and more from a WAHM.
19.    The WAHM Blog: A blog that will help you get started making money from home.
20.    Work At Home Mom – Making Money At Home: A real WAHM writes about how you can make money at home, online and with blogging (so you can forget the last one if you don’t want to blog!).
21.    Work at Home Mom Revolution: This blog is a daily work-at-home opportunity and mom news site.
22.    Work at Home Moms Talk Radio: You’ll also find a blog at this site, where WAHMs talk about working from home.

Blog Articles
The following articles came from blogs that don’t necessarily deal with making money online or home businesses. But, the articles deal with work-at-home ideas and home business advice and trends in today’s home-business market.

23.   45 Home Business Resources: Things and People That Help You Make Money In Your Underwear: A great resource from a slightly irreverent blog on how to build your home business.
24.    Freelance Job Growth Accelerates in the U.S.: Take a look at these charts and comments to learn more about the validity and trends of working and making money at home.
25.    How to Make Money at Home: Women’s Day has a long article on ideas and tips about making money from home. They offer ideas that speak to specific companies, too.
26.    How to Make Money Using the Internet: Seth Godin is a marketing guru, and his ideas about how to make money online might stimulate your gray cells.
27.    How Bloggers Make Money Online without Blogging : ProBlogger provides a long list of ideas on ways to make money online without a blog.
28.    Starting A Successful Home Business In Tough Times: This article is on the Kelsey Publishing Knowledge Base blog, and it talks about how to start your business in a rough economy.
29.    The Best Ways to Sell Your MLM Home Business Over the Internet: Kathy runs this blog on how to lose weight, but she has an insightful article about how to sell your MLM business online. Her advice might apply to those who sell Web sites online, too.
30.    The Top 25 Home-Based Business Ideas: This article is brought to you by AllBusiness, and offers twenty-five great ideas for that work-at-home opportunity.
31.    Top 10 Internet Home Business Ideas You Can Start and Run in Your Underwear: Sparkplug CEO is a great resource for any home-based business owner, and this article is a down-to-earth look at some at-home business opportunities.
32.    Work At Home Trend On the Rise: Read in this article how people view working at home. They provide links to more articles that can help you have a positive attitude about working from home.

Tools for the home entrepreneur:
33.    Entrepreneur: This site carries informative and helpful blogs, but it also has many other resources for the work-at-home entrepreneur.
34.    Freelance Directory: This site holds a blog filled with resources, a directory and other tools for the entrepreneur.
35.    Freelance Job Feed: This is not a slick site, but it’s up-to-date and filled with posts about freelance job opportunities and writing about how to find money online. One of the trends in this blog is to learn how to make money by finding jobs and outsourcing the work.
36.    Freelance Switch: This site holds an informative blog, a job board, forums, podcasts and more.
37.    Home Business: Randy Duermyer brings his expertise to this site, where home business workers can find a blog, tax advice and more for their ventures.
38.    Home-Based Business Network: This site has a blog filled with great ideas for the home-based business owner; but, it also is a way to build a network with other like-minded individuals.
39.    Moms with a Spine: We would have included this blog in the WAHM section, but the site covers so much more. And, the advice offered isn’t just for WAHMs.
40.    Online Scams Uncovered: If you’re starting a home business and you work online, this is the blog to have at hand. They uncover online scams so you don’t get caught with your hand in the wrong cookie jar.
41.    Product Sellers Talk Radio: Run by a work-at-home mom, this site offers personalize coaching programs, an Internet marketing blog and a product sellers talk radio show, information on how to start a business and more.
42.    Small Business Development Center Blog: If you want information from the National Information Clearinghouse on Small Business, this is your resource.
43.    Small Business Trends: This link takes you to the blog on this site, but look around to find more resources for small businesses, including home businesses.
44.    Trend Tracker: If you’ve wondered how this economy and online tools have affected small business, look no further. Anita Campbell does a great job with bringing pertinent information to you in a timely manner.

Corporate Business Blogs
Some money-making businesses on the Internet provide blogs that show you how to make money using their sites. But, you can take their information and apply it to any other similar site.

45.    Associated Content Blog: Learn how to make money online through writing content for yourself and for others.
46.    Fotolia Blog: You can make money with your photographs, and this blog shows you how to do it with the Fotolia business.
47.    Helium Blog: Another pay-for-content site presents a blog about how to make money through their program, information that can be applied to other online writing ventures.
48.    Salesconx Blog: This company creates sales teams for other companies and provides a blog that focuses on sales techniques, no matter your product or service.
49.    Virtual Assistant Blog: If you have considered becoming a virtual assistant, log onto this blog to learn more about how this company views virtual assistant positions.
50.    Zyoin Blog: Another recruiter blog. They also have the tools for you to work with, and their blog helps you learn the trade.

Hope to hear your opinions or comments about the sites above and do share more with me. :)

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