How to Earn Money with ClixSense

After I have blog about ClixSense few days ago, I get enquiries from moms on how to earn from ClixSense. We know that ClixSense is a free to join program, but if you just join free and browse the ads for 30 seconds, you will earn cents by cents. It’s very slow and very soon you’ll lost the patience to continue with this program.

When we look at ClixSense’s Earning Plan below, you would find that it sounds easy to earn through this program.

So, is their Earning Plan viable?

Their plan is definitely viable. You just need to follow the steps below:

1)    Upgrade your membership to Premium Member
Yes, you need to pay US$10 for the Premium Member. It’s valid for 1 year and the benefit of become a Premium member are:
(a)    you will get more ads to browse
(b)    get more chance to click on the ClixGrid
(c)    Earn affiliate income when refer people to the program

Therefore, in order to earn more, you need to upgrade your membership and it’s only cost you US$10.

2)    Invite 5 friends to join and encourage them to upgrade to Premium Member
After you upgrade of your membership, it’s your time to introduce this program to your friends. Invite them to join free and share with them the Earning Plan. According to the Earning Plan, you just need to get 5 friends to join and if 5 of them upgrade to Premium Member, you get back your US$10 (they give US$2 commission for every direct referral).

3)    Help your 5 friends to invite their 5 friends
The actual way to earn through this program is not depends solely on your own hard work. It’s more important for you to help the 5 friends to invite their friends and encourage them to upgrade to Premium Member.

4)    Tell your 5 friends to repeat the same procedure
Yes, the most important now is to share the above 3 steps to your 5 friends and ask them to do the same things. When they are doing the same steps, you are following ClixSense Earning Plan exactly. And, money is coming to your pocket and also to your friends’ pockets.

I don’t know how you think about the US$10 but I upgraded my membership just after few days I joined and since the membership is paid for 1 year, which means I have 1 year time to do the above 4 steps to increase my earning.

For just a US$10 investment to earn a 4 figure incomes, it’s workable and it’s proven workable!

If you need help in promoting ClixSense or interested with the Earning Plan, please feel free to drop me a message here or send me private email. I will guide you the above steps so that you can earn with minimum of US$10 investment.

A US$10 has changed my earning life at home! You may make your choice now!

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June 15, 2009
June 16, 2009
June 20, 2009
January 9, 2010

Morpheus @ 12:11 pm #

ClixSense has helped me to make mad tons of money, but wait – there is a twist to the tale: -

I made money with ClixSense by advertising ClickBank digital product on ClixSense’s ClixGrid. It costs just $10 to advertise a product for one month on ClixGrid and it gets thousands and thousands of hits per day. ClickBank pays a commision of upto 75% on every digital product sold by its affiliates. So assume that a product costs $100 and you just sell one copy of it by advertising on Clixgrid, your profit = $65 ($75 commission minus $10 that you spend to advertise on ClixGrid)!

Now which is more profitable, clicking ads and earning a cent or the method described above?

For more tips, go ahead and visit my website

You will also want to join the best PTC sites (this includes ClixSense) :

May 27, 2011

Dear Moms ,

I am also a mom in india ,

and i joined in for free and learned how to make money from internet in all the programs in the world..

to earnings wing for given me the free website to work on for joining free mm


July 8, 2011

Russ ptc Benk @ 11:10 am #

I have found ClixSense to be a fairly profitable site amongst some other paid to click sites I use. To make some real money, I second Morpheus on his clickbank on ClixGrid idea. Some of the cheapest traffic you can get.

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